6 Financial Health Measures

6 Financial Health Measures

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In January we like to make resolutions for the new year; be sure include becoming financially healthier as one of those resolutions.

Here are six measures for financial health:

  1. Net Worth: assets minus liabilities;
  2. Savings Rate: portion of your income you save each month;
  3. Debt-to-Income (DTI) Ratio: all monthly debt payments divided by your gross income;
  4. Credit Score: rating by the national credit agencies of your creditworthiness;
  5. Retirement Fund; and
  6. Income.

To learn more about these measures and how to pull them all together, read the full article The 6 Best Ways to Measure Your Financial Health on Fool.com

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The 6 Best Ways to Measure Your Financial Health
By Lyle Daly, October, 18, 2019

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