Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accountants
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When you operate a small business, the advice of an accounting expert is critical to stay in compliance, minimize your tax liability, and achieve success. Let the experienced team at Johnson, Mackowiak & Associates help you work through your most challenging business issues – all so you can keep your company on a solid foundation and growing.

We can assist you with:

  • Reconciling bank statements: Allows us to identify lost or unauthorized transactions; prevent excess bank charges; prevent embezzlement; and manage your cash more effectively.
  • Preparing profit and loss statements: Enables us to track revenue and losses so you can easily assess the financial health of your company; identify unexpected expenses or dramatic increases in costs; and determine tax liability.
  • Preparing balance sheets: Offers an overview of the financial condition of your business at a certain moment in time so you can get a handle on areas of strength and weakness; identify trends; assess cash flow; and prevent cash shortages.
  • Maintaining a clean ledger: Enables us to find any discrepancies in your books and ensure total accuracy. One mistake in your ledger can distort all your books, which is why a clean ledger is so critical for small businesses.

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