Special Situations – Articles


Evaluating a job offer
Evaluating an early retirement offer
Health insurance and COBRA: sometimes you can take it with you
Receiving unemployment benefits

Caring for an aging parent
Caring for your aging parents
Do your parents need long-term care insurance?
Facing the possibility of incapacity
Housing options for older individuals
Medicaid and nursing home care
Medicaid and the principal residence
Medicaid planning basics
The sandwich generation: juggling family responsibilities.

Dealing with divorce
Health insurance and divorce
Insurance concerns of divorcing couples

Loss of a spouse
Claiming life insurance benefits
Organizing your finances when your spouse has died
Social Security survivor’s benefits

Establishing a budget
Getting started: establishing a financial safety net
Merging your money when you marry

Planning for travel
Health insurance for travelers
Rental car insurance
Travel insurance

Raising a family
And baby makes three
Baby on board: keeping your child safe in the car
How much life insurance do you need?
Planning a family? Get to know your health insurance policy
Saving for retirement and a child’s education at the same time
Teaching your child about money
Teaching your college-age child about money
Teaching your teen about money
The best ways to save for college
When your child has special needs

Sudden wealth
Sudden wealth

Terminal illness
Life insurance and terminal illness
Viatical settlements

Unmarried couples
Financial tips for unmarried couples