Protection Planning – FAQs

Can I change my annuity for one with a better interest rate?
I bought an annuity a few years ago, but I don’t want it anymore. Is there a way to get rid of it?
I can choose a single life annuity for my pension or a joint and survivor annuity that makes payments to my spouse when I die. Which is better?
I’m confused–is an annuity an investment vehicle or an insurance policy?
What is an annuity?

Automobile insurance
Another driver smashed my car, but he doesn’t have insurance. How am I going to pay for the repairs?
Do I need to get auto insurance before I buy a new car?
Do I need to insure a car that’s worth only a few hundred dollars?
Do I need to provide credit information on my auto insurance application?
Does my auto insurance policy cover flood damage?
Does my auto insurance policy cover me on car trips outside the United States?
Help! I forgot to pay my auto insurance premium last month. Will my insurance company cancel my policy?
How can I find insurance for my sailboat?
How can I reduce my auto insurance bill?
How can I reduce the expense of insuring a teenage driver?
How do I know if my auto insurance covers my broken windshield?
I don’t own a car, but occasionally I borrow my friend’s car. Do I need my own auto insurance policy?
I drive my own car on company business. Whose insurance will pay for damages if I get into an accident?
I just had a car accident. How do I file a claim with my insurance company?
I’m buying my first car. What should I look for in an insurance company?
I’m considered a “risky driver.” How can I get insurance?
I’m considering leasing a car. Is there any special insurance I need?
I’m traveling to Europe this summer and won’t need my car. Can I get my auto insurance suspended to save money?
I’ve found a better deal on auto insurance, but how hard is it to switch from one insurance company to another?
If I let someone borrow my car, does my insurance policy still cover me?
Is hail damage covered under a typical auto insurance policy?
Is it true that some sport utility vehicles cost more to insure than others?
Is there a minimum number of quotes I should get when shopping for an auto insurance policy?
My car was totaled in an accident. Can I negotiate the settlement amount?
My insurance company paid the bill for some body work done on my car after an accident, but I’m unhappy with the repair work. Is it too late to complain?
My mother is 90. Is it OK for her to keep driving?
Our daughter will be taking one of our family cars to college. Is this allowed under our auto insurance policy?
Should I buy medical payments coverage?
What are points, and do they affect my insurance rates?
What is “no-fault” insurance?
When I rent a car, should I purchase the collision damage waiver insurance that’s offered to me?
Why do I need to provide so much information when getting an auto insurance quote?
Will my insurance premiums go up if I marry someone with a bad driving record?

Business insurance
A cell phone and laptop computer owned by my company were inside my briefcase when it was stolen. Will my company’s insurance cover the loss?
Can I get disability insurance if I’m self-employed?
How can I get affordable health insurance if I’m self-employed?
I own a business. Are there any creative ways I can use life insurance in my business?
I use my laptop computer for my home business. Is it covered under my homeowners policy?
I’m an independent contractor. Where can I get health and disability insurance?
I’m thinking about opening a day-care business in my home. Does this raise any insurance issues?
What is errors and omissions insurance?
What is stop-loss insurance?
What kind of insurance coverage do I need for my small business?

Disability insurance
Can I buy short-term disability coverage through my employer?
Do I need disability insurance?
Do long-term disability insurance premiums depend on the nature of my job?
How can I reduce the cost of disability insurance?
How do I apply for workers’ compensation benefits?
I broke my leg and can’t work for two months. Am I entitled to file a disability claim with my employer?
If I have long-term disability insurance coverage through my employer, do I need my own policy, too?
Many years ago I was treated for cancer, but now it’s in remission. Do I need to disclose this when I buy disability insurance?
Will I have to pay life insurance premiums if I become disabled?

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