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Decision Tools
Advantages and disadvantages of tax-deferred fixed annuities
Advantages and disadvantages of variable annuities
Fixed vs. variable annuities
How a fixed deferred annuity works
How a variable annuity works
Immediate Annuity Calculator
Immediate vs. deferred annuities
Understanding annuity expenses

Automobile insurance
Auto insurance analyzer
How to save money on your auto insurance

Business insurance
Business life insurance needs
How cross purchase plans work
How entity purchase plans work
How insurance preserves assets
Number of policies needed with a cross purchase plan

Disability insurance
Disability Income Needs Calculator
Disability insurance benefit period
Disability insurance cost-of-living rider
Disability insurance waiting period
Disability insurance waiver of premiums
How much disability insurance can you buy?
Individual/group disability policy alternatives
Likelihood of suffering a disability by age 50
Noncancelable and guaranteed renewable disability policies
Recurrent disability provision
Residual and partial disability benefits
When do you qualify for disability benefits?

General insurance topics
How insurance preserves assets
Personal liability umbrella insurance

Health insurance
Comparison of typical health plans
Which health plan is right for you?

[accordion title=”Homeowners insurance”]
Disaster checklist
Fall/winter home maintenance checklist
Home inventory checklist
Homeowners insurance quiz
How to save money on your homeowners insurance
Personal liability umbrella insurance

Life insurance
Advantages and disadvantages of cash value insurance
Advantages and disadvantages of term insurance
Comparison of level term and annual term premiums
Comparison of men’s and women’s mortality
Comparison of types of life insurance
How insurance companies are rated
How traditional whole life insurance works
How universal life insurance works
How variable universal life insurance works
How variable whole life insurance works
Life insurance needs analyzer
Net worth calculator
What is your life expectancy?
What is your life insurance rating?

[accordion title=”Long-term care insurance”]

Comparing long-term care insurance policies
Inflation protection options
Long-Term Care Needs calculator
Should You Consider Buying Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI)?
What to avoid when buying a long-term care insurance policy