Special Situations – Articles

[accordions] Articles
[accordion title=”Career planning”]
Evaluating a job offer
Evaluating an early retirement offer
Health insurance and COBRA: sometimes you can take it with you
Receiving unemployment benefits
[accordion title=”Caring for an aging parent”]
Caring for your aging parents
Do your parents need long-term care insurance?
Facing the possibility of incapacity
Housing options for older individuals
Medicaid and nursing home care
Medicaid and the principal residence
Medicaid planning basics
The sandwich generation: juggling family responsibilities.
[accordion title=”Divorce”]
Dealing with divorce
Health insurance and divorce
Insurance concerns of divorcing couples
[accordion title=”Loss of a spouse”]
Claiming life insurance benefits
Organizing your finances when your spouse has died
Social Security survivor’s benefits
[accordion title=”Marriage”]
Establishing a budget
Getting started: establishing a financial safety net
Merging your money when you marry
[accordion title=”Planning for travel”]
Health insurance for travelers
Rental car insurance
Travel insurance
[accordion title=”Raising a family”]
And baby makes three
Baby on board: keeping your child safe in the car
How much life insurance do you need?
Planning a family? Get to know your health insurance policy
Saving for retirement and a child’s education at the same time
Teaching your child about money
Teaching your college-age child about money
Teaching your teen about money
The best ways to save for college
When your child has special needs
[accordion title=”Sudden wealth”]
Sudden wealth
[accordion title=”Terminal illness”]
Life insurance and terminal illness
Viatical settlements
[accordion title=”Unmarried couples”]
Financial tips for unmarried couples