Government Benefits – FAQs

[accordions] FAQs
[accordion title=”Medicare and Medicaid”]
How do I enroll in Medicare?
How does Medicare Advantage work?
I’m putting money into a 529 plan for my grandchild. But are the 529 assets subject to Medicaid spend-down requirements?
I’m thinking about placing my mother in a nursing home. Will Medicaid pay for her care?
If I’m covered by Medicare, should I have additional health insurance?
[accordion title=”Military Benefits”]
Can I be buried in a national cemetery even though I got out of the Army years ago?
[accordion title=”Social Security”]
Are my Social Security benefits subject to income tax?
Does my 16-year-old have to pay Social Security tax on her earnings?
How can I get an estimate of my Social Security benefits?
How do I get disability benefits from Social Security?
I’m getting remarried. How will this affect my Social Security benefits?
My husband and I are divorcing after 30 years of marriage. Will I still be able to receive Social Security retirement benefits based on his earnings record after our divorce?
Should I retire now at age 62 and collect Social Security benefits, or should I wait until age 65?
What happens if I start collecting Social Security after age 65?
What is SSI?
When do I have to apply for a Social Security number for my newborn?
When I retire, how much will I receive from Social Security?
Will my children receive money from Social Security when I die?